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Let Color Flow

I film and post videos to YouTube, Rumble, Instagram and for classes on Skillshare. I’m often asked how I film art videos as there are so many ways to set-up an art filming spot.

Lighting, sound and room space all come into play on how a person sets-up their artsy filming space. I’ve got a nice size studio… Of course, it could be bigger, but I’m satisfied with my art studio. I mainly use one wall on the window side to record and the rest of the space to organize my supplies.

TIP: It’s best to design your studio with the concept that you can close all the doors and curtains and have a non-changing environment. Setting up lighting without natural light means I can film art projects no matter what time of day. It’s always the same lighting based on what I’ve installed. Consistent lighting is important to professional presentation, especially with art and color.

Here are most of the items I have been using for my art studio filming setup as of February 2023. To make things easier I now 90% of the time use a wireless microphone setup that I describe below by Rode. This means I can get up from the desk without pulling a cord or having a huge microphone that requires directional talking. YAY, for wireless and mini microphones aka lavalier microphones .

This site includes some affiliate links . When purchasing from one of these links I get a small “thank you” commission and you pay nothing extra.

My Most Used Items:

(2 of these) Sony ZV-1 Digital Camera for Content Creators, Vlogging and YouTube with Flip Screen, Built-in Microphone, 4K HDR Video, Touchscreen Display, Live Video Streaming, Webcam

Bessie Bakes (White & Silver Gray Blue Reclaimed Wood & Pliable Marble) – Replicated Photography Backdrop 2 Feet Wide x 3 Feet Long 3 mm Thick – I use both pretty evenly. They are so real looking. Plus they are light weight, but durable.

NEEWER 20 inch Mini Tripod for Camera with 360° Ball Head, 1/4″ Arca Type Quick Release Plate and Carrying Bag, Compact Desktop Tripod for DSLR Camera, Video Camcorder up to 11lb/5kg – Face Camera Attached – camera links to Rode Lavalier Go II square)

Elgato Stream Deck – Live Content Creation Controller with 15 Customizable LCD Keys, Adjustable Stand – with this little, but powerful device I can change scenes, get zoomed down looks and even choose which cameras are being recorded.

(2 of these) IKEA LINNMON / ADILS

Desk Tables with legs. IKEA sells the top and each leg separately.

Rode Wireless Go II – Singel Channel Wireless Microphone System

I only got the one with a single microphone. A two-microphone option is also available for those who say want to do interviews.

Rode Lavalier Go – Professional Microphone
To be used with the Rode Wireless Go II. A newer version is now available that sits flatter. I have the original round one. I have both the black and white versions of the original.

Lights, Camera, Action! This is really messy, but it’s what it is. We hired a guy to install wood planks in the attic. That way everything is solid and not going to fall down. I felt you needed to see the reality of so much filming and lighting equipment.

Genaray Bi-Color Soft Ring Light LED (10″) –
This faces down with 1 camera attached.

(2 of these) – Neewer Upgraded 660 LED Video Light, Dimmable Bi-Color 3200K~5600K CRI 96+ LED Panel Light with LCD Screen, U-Mount Bracket and Barndoor for Studio Photography, YouTube Video Shooting (NL660S)

Neewer Wall Mounting Triangle Boom Arm for Ring Light

I have this attached to my ceiling and put into a wood beam. It sits right between my ceiling mounted lights.

(2 of these) Neewer Wall Mounting Boom Arm

One on each side of the Neewer Wall Mounting Triangle Boom Arm…for the face down ring light.

(4 Pannels) NICETOWN Girl’s Room Blackout Curtains

I got this in teal blue, but they come in many colors.

My Secondary Items:

Logitech for Creators Blue Yeti USB Microphone for PC, Podcast, Gaming, Streaming, Studio, Computer Mic (I use this less than I used to – I mostly use this for voiceovers)

IXTECH Microphone Boom Arm with Desk Mount, 360° Rotatable, Adjustable and Foldable Scissor Mounting for Podcast, Video Gaming, Radio and Studio Audio, Sturdy and Universal – Elegance Model – For the Yeti

(4 Bulbs) Two 2 Packs – ENERGETIC SMARTER LIGHTING 150 Watt LED Light Bulb, Super Bright A21 Daylight 5000K, Non-Dimmable, 2300lm, High Lumen Light Bulbs, UL Listed

I’ve got a fan with four of these high powered LED lights in the background. I found once I added these that the room was perfectly lighted no matter what time of day I was filming.

Happy filming!