Tammie Ann Creative

Let Color Flow

I’m Tammie and I’m a fun and whimsical artist out of San Antonio, Texas. I found the Tammie Ann Creative brand in 2019 out of my love of art and color. My art is infused with fun trendy bursts of color as well as handwritten topography.

Teaching Art Classes

In 2023 I started teaching on Skillshare as a way to share my love of art with students. Along with Skillshare I share fun videos on YouTube. I also post on Instagram @tammieanncreative.

Drawing Personalized Magic Wands: Create Mixed Media Art

Please check out my latest class on Skillshare, Drawing Personalized Magic Wands: Create Mixed Media Art. If you don’t already have a Skillshare membership, they are offering you a free month via my affiliate link.

What my students are saying!

Thanks so much for to all my students. You make teaching so much fun. – Tammie

Freebies for Artists

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Watercolors are one of my favorite paints to paint with. They have transparency and so many lovely colors. No matter what you do you get something unique as the world around you has a say in how the paint dries.

Colored pencils are a truly fun medium to work with. You can get so many textures and looks. Each brand has their own unique feel and application. Here are some of my favorite-colored pencils.