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Hello, Tammie here!

It’s so good to have you visit. I’m an artist, crafter and art teacher. I’m here to help you on your art and crafting journey.


Golden Waffle

I love my waffles to be golden brown and crispy. With watercolor art you can enjoy the food esthetic and not the extra calories. Enjoy.

Red Berries

These red berries are super pretty. The red just shines. Just be careful and never eat berries that you are unsure of. Many are poisonous.

Custard Tart

I’m a huge fan of yummy deserts and this one has me wanting a taste… without the calories. Join me now for a quick tutorial.

Wizard Hat

A Wizard Hat comes to life in this quick watercolor short. The color used is cobalt blue by Daniel Smith Watercolors.

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