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It’s so good to have you visit. I’m Tammie King, an artist and art teacher. My goal is to add color to our beautiful world. You can find me adding color through print designs, patterns, watercolor pieces and teaching.


Extra icing please.

A snack for everyone. Pretty and yummy.

A yummy treat that has me thinking Animal Kingdom.

Teaching Art

In 2023 I started teaching on Skillshare as a way to share my love of art with students. Along with Skillshare I share fun videos on YouTube. I also post on Instagram @tammieanncreative.


Please check out my latest class on SkillshareDrawing Personalized Magic Wands: Create Mixed Media Art. If you don’t already have a Skillshare membership, they are offering you a free month via my affiliate link.

What My Students Are Saying.

This course was awesome! I haven’t thought about drawing wands like these and thanks to this course I added more interest to my own illustrations of characters. Also, I am designing my own wand, which reflects my likes and personality, it is being such a nice time drawing that 😀 I think this course is so original, so congrats to the teacher and I encourage all people to give it a chance!

Monica Pradanos

Skillshare Student

Amazing art. So beautiful, I really enjoy watching your video.


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