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These are some of the supplies and items that make my personal and business life more enjoyable.

This site includes some affiliate links. When purchasing from one of these links I get a small “thank you” commission and you pay nothing extra.

Watercolor Supplies and Resources

I have loads of watercolor supplies and I love trying out new things. Here is a list of many of the items I’ve tried. I really enjoy having these items in my collection.

Mijello Mission Gold Water Color Set, 34 Colors – They are a large affordable set. If you’re looking for many colors this set with cover you. By buying in bulk, you get a great price over buying individual tubes.

Daniel Smith Watercolors are high grade professional watercolors. The price does reflect the quality. Depending on the color and tube size the price can be very different. Some colors are harder to source and makes the paint more expensive. I love so many DS colors.

Sennelier Watercolors are wonderful paints. They are professional and have a honey base. They come out so powerfully colorful. Expect the price to reflect that quality. I’ve purchased around fifteen different tubes of these pains. Here I’ve showcased a small collection, but you can also purchase each tube individually… and in different sizes.

On the cheaper side for watercolor paints, I’ve found Art Philosophy / Prima Marketing watercolors to be a delight. Each set comes with a theme of colors. I love this currents set. The skin tone set is also really nice.

Arches is considered extra fine watercolor paper. It’s made of 100 cotton and holds up under a lot of water. It’s yummy to work with… but expensive per sheet. Many artists only work on Arches.

Stonehenge is also a great paper to work on and has its own unique texture. This here is a black watercolor paper. Glitter watercolors work well on it. I encourage you to explore different types and price points when it comes to paper. Everyone has their own preferences.

On the cheaper side, I’ve found Academy Watercolor paper to be good. It comes under a few different names, but the cover typically looks very similar. I’ve also found it under the name Meeden and Baohong. This item goes in and out of stock and changes names. If the link doesn’t have an in stock item, search around and check the size. It comes in multiple sizes and in multiple roughnesses. I use both their cold press (textured) and hot press (little texture). I have purchased multiple sizes and love this paper. I got a 2 pack of the 15” x 10.2” at around $52 in Oct of 2022.

I’ve found these ceramic palettes to be wonderful. I’m not a fan of plastic one, so I seek out ceramics. This comes as a three pack with covers. Each cost me around $10 / $30 for 3.

Customizable Palettes. If you buy watercolor tubes, you can create your own color palettes. I do this a lot. So, I’ve started buying blank trays and creating a variety of fun palettes. I can never have enough paint :). A girl needs a place to organize it all.

I’m loving this Faber-Castel Pitt Pen set. Half the pens are waterproof, and the others are great brush pens. Since it’s a set the price is much less than buying each individually.

With modern watercolor you will see artist using White Opaque Pens to create highlights. I love those for both highlights as well as texture.

Paul Rubens Watercolor Paint, 12 Assorted Colors. I love glitter watercolor paint and this little pallet has a wide range of fun colors. I’m really partial to the blues and purples. Those inspire me to think of galaxy paintings.

You can use this Pebeo Drawing Gum in both the bottle and in the pen form. It’s to put down a latex barrier and preserve sections of your art. Once your paint dries you take off the barrier and can either keep it as is or paint in those spots. It’s fun to use. If using it in bottle form, I encourage you to use a Silicone Head Sculpture Tools Shaper instead of a paint brush. This liquid will destroy your brushes. You can often find these shapers in different sizes and shapes in connection to the clay arts. I’ve linked here to a set, but it’s not a set I have. I have a large and small one that I purchased years ago.

White Gouache is wonderful for adding white into your paintings. It’s also nice in creating moons, stars and splatters. It’s a fun medium to mix with watercolor.

I use this Silver Brush round set very often. The tips are very pointy and work great for getting into the little places. The largest brush is a great size for doing larger projects. These brushes hold a lot of water and I’ve had them for quite some time. Overall, this is a great set and gives you variety.

This is a great paint brush holder. I admit, I might need a second or third one. I’ve already filled mine up ;). I used this at home, but have also traveled with it. This Meeden Portable Paintbrush Case protects my brushes from getting crushed.

I use a wide variety of brushes from cheap to expensive. But I’ve found this set of Paintcrush brushes to be really great. It comes with a variety of sizes and shapes. Plus it has a wonderful detail brush.

A good wide brush will make the work of doing larger areas, such as skies, extra easy. I love this Princeton Neptune brush. The bristles are so soft. The hand is also short.

Tombow Mono Knock. This is my smaller, but not smaller point eraser. It works really well at getting into small spots. I think every artist needs a good smaller spot eraser. This one comes with eraser refills.

The Tombow Mono Zero is one of my all-time favorite finds. It’s an eraser that is very micro, but strong. It comes with refills.

If you want to do any art transferring a good light box is needed for quality and time savings. This is the one I have. It works great and came with a carrying case. It has several light brightness’s and different colors of light.

I use this USA made Old City Unltd hand brush to clean up all my eraser shavings. It’s just an overall great brush for shops and art studios. The bristles are soft. It’s a high-quality brush.

I use a wide variety of tools in my art. I’m a real fan of mixed media pieces.

Colored Pencil Supplies and Art

I really enjoy using colored pencil. Here are some of the tools I keep stocked up on.

These Prismacolor colored pencils are a dream for those seeking easy light applications. They are super soft. That can have benefits as well as problems. They do break easy. Still they create beautiful pieces of art and don’t wear out your hands.

150 Set | 36 Set | 24 Set | 24 Portrait Set | 12 Set

These Fabre-Castel PolyChromos are a beautiful set of pencils. They are hard and keep a nice sharp tip. But they do take a bit more pressure than some other pencils. The colors are vivid, and you can really get into those smaller area. These are lovely to work with.

120 Set | 120 Wooden Box Set | 72 Set | 60 Set | 36 Set | 12 Set

Springhill White – The right paper makes all the difference. The lovely Jennifer Stay, from Coloring Bliss, and her husband did loads of research on colored pencil papers, and they shared their favorite with us all. Since then, I’ve purchased the paper they recommend, and I just love it. The ream is huge and only around $12. I love this paper. It has just the right amount of “tooth” / roughness that you can really build up your color pencil layers. But it’s not too rough where too much of the paper shows through. It’s the perfect balance of texture.

When I have a smaller set of pencils, I go for these super easy to use roll up Canvas Pencil Cases. I have a few :). I keep my Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils, set of 60, in the one below.

I just love these BTSKY pencil cases. They each have individual pencil slots! The blue stars one has 160 slots and I use it for my Faber-Castell Polychromos 120 set. Because of the extra pencil slots I’m able to give space between the color families. Yellow Greens have their area. Then I put in a spot or drop down into a new area for the next color family. This makes picking color palettes easier.

Larger BTSKY case – For my 150 set of Prismacolor Premier colored pencils I’ve gone with a larger case that holds 200.

Tombow Mono Knock. This is my smaller, but not smaller point eraser. It works really well at getting into small spots. I think every artist needs a good smaller spot eraser. This one comes with eraser refills.

The Tombow Mono Zero is one of my all-time favorite finds. It’s an eraser that is very micro, but strong. It comes with refills.