Tammie Ann Creative

Let Color Flow

It’s so good to have you visit. I’m Tammie King, an artist and art teacher. My goal is to add color to our beautiful world. You can find me adding color through print designs, patterns, watercolor pieces and teaching.

Let’s Connect!

Are you interested in collaborating, interviews, licensing or just have a question? Feel free to drop me an email.

You can find me at: tammie@tammieanncreative.com

You can find me teaching art classes on Skillshare and producing YouTube videos. I’m also active on Instagram under @tammieanncreative.

Please check out my latest class on Skillshare, Drawing Personalized Magic Wands: Create Mixed Media Art. If you don’t already have a Skillshare membership they are offering you a free month via my affiliate link.

Drawing Personalized Magic Wands: Create Mixed Media Art

I’m excited for you to join me for loads of arty time and exploration into color. I’ll be sharing my art process as well as free swatch charts and coloring pages. Join the fun!

My art style is whimsical and full of bursts of color. It’s time for our imaginations to take flight and for the color to flow.

You can contact me at: tammie@tammieanncreative.com

What I Do

  • Teach Art Classes on Skillshare
  • Focus on Watercolors, Mixed Media and Digital Art
  • Create Colorful Patterns
  • Make YouTube Videos