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Hello Readers,

I’m Tammie King and I started Night Owl Romance back in 2004. At the time I was in my 20’s and testing out my creative wings. The internet was just starting to take off and I wanted to see where it would go. Along the way I learned website design & marketing while getting to work from home. It has been a pretty sweet setup.

Night Owl Reviews / Night Owl Romance gave me an outlet to share my love of books. Over the years I’ve switched things up and covered more of my life. A girl can’t live on books alone. Well this girl can’t.

I’m living in the awesome state of Texas with my loving husband and attention seeking cat named Kitana. Currently, I’m focusing on sharing my love of arts and crafts with y’all.

You can find me teaching arts and crafts classes on YouTube & Skillshare. I’m also active on Instagram under @tammieanncreative.

Please check out my latest class on Skillshare, Cricut Magnetic Bookmarks with Print Then Cut (Free Art Included). If you don’t already have a Skillshare membership, they are offering you a free month via my affiliate link.

My art style is whimsical, colorful and I think beautiful.

Y’all are welcome on the site and to leave comments. I can’t wait to interact with you again. Don’t be shy. Pull up a chair, have a drink and let’s make arts and crafts.

Tammie King

Hello, Tammie here.

It’s so good to have you visit.
I’m an artist, crafter and art teacher.
I’m here to help you on your art and crafting journey.

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