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Making Watercolor Paint

1 part watercolor binder (get the recipe down below)

Binder provides a liquid base that holds the pigment in a liquid form. You can mix your own or buy a pre-made binder. I have a recipe below for making your own. It’s not hard at all :).


1 part pigment – Some pigments will need more binder and some less. You will need to do some trial and error.

I’ve purchased the two pigment powder collections below. Both work well. You get less with the Chameleon Mica Powder, but they are more glittery and I think really pretty.

Rolio Mica Powders & Chameleon Mica Powder

Video on how to make watercolor paint at home

Step 1: Needed Items – Get all your items ready and in arms reach. Making paint can be a dirty job.

Watercolor Making Items

Step 2: Safety

Mask up and put on latex/plastic gloves. Pigments are fine particles that you don’t want to end up in your system.

Step 3: Pigment & Binder

Place your selected amount of pigment in the middle of your tempered glass.  Make a divot in the middle of the pigment. Add your binder inside the divot. (Equal Parts)

Step 4: Mixing

Use your palette knife to slowly mix the pigment and binder together. When all the pigment is wet move onto the next step.

Step 5: Mulling

Use your glass muller to mix everything more. The heavy muller will break down things more and smooth things out. Use your pallet knife to move things around as needed.

Depending on the pigment you have it can take longer. Some pigments take 10 to 30 minutes while others can take hours. Colors are completed when they easily go onto your brush and when dry stay on the paper.

Completed Watercolors

by Tammie Ann Creative

Binder Recipe

Place into a jar with a saleable lid like a mason jar.

Mix slow and thoroughly in a glass jar.

Refrigerate for up to six months.

Tip: Place masking tape on jar. Note the expiration date and contents

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